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Crack the code of your story

Where does your story exist? How does it arrive? We believe the answer is inside of you, your people and your clients. Bringing it to the surface involves research and exploration. The first part of our job is to dig. Then we write.

Writing for small businesses and non-proft organizations

Since 2004, Breakerboy has provided copywriting services, brand consultation, and grant proposals to sole proprietors, small businesses and non-profit organizations that wish to infuse their copy and messaging with their vision and philosophy. Before we "write your mission statement," we help you transcribe and translate the story from where your mission flows.

The result: words for your written communications project that truly connect with your business, your people, and your clients. This includes web copy, taglines, grants, webinars, training scripts and more. Plus our ongoing writing workshops help clear away your own writer's block.

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